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Your Personal Coach


Success All Life Long

I'm Charlene, a certified nutrition and weight loss coach. Since 2020, I have been coaching clients in Switzerland, United Arab Emirates and Singapore to successfully lose weight and keep it off. 


Apart from weight loss, many of my clients have come for help to improve their metabolic health and manage chronic conditions such as stress, depression, diabetes and cancer.

Not all diets are suitable for everyone. Some find the ketogenic lifestyle work well, while others thrive on plant-based or carnivore on the other end of the spectrum.  Some succeed on high fat - low carb, while others on high protein - low fat. 

If this is confusing, you are not alone.  

Let me guide you in finding the right diet to fit your lifestyle.  Working closely and in a highly personalised way, I will help you achieve your health and weight goals and keep you successful all life long.

I look forward to working with you. Contact me today.

Academic and Professional Qualifications:

Master of Business Administration 

Bachelor of Arts in Social Sciences

Member of The Complementary Medical Association (UK)

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